Buying a plane, boat or automobile?

Taking the mystery out of foreign purchases.

There are many reasons people decide to make overseas purchases, perhaps you fell in love with Tuscany and have decided to buy a villa for future family holidays, or perhaps you’ve simply found that the most cost effective purchase for your new car happens to be in Hong Kong. Whatever the reason for your overseas purchase, the chances are you want to get the most for your money.

Transparency on all purchases:

Many of our clients worry about the actual cost of what they are buying when making a foreign currency purchase. This is a valid concern as making an overseas purchase can leave you vulnerable to a fluctuating market. We are committed to providing our 37 million clients with the best possible foreign exchange deal.

When making an overseas purchase you can expect the following:

  • Fixed margins
  • Excellent exchange rates
  • A transparent dealing platform
  • Online dealing system

The transparent dealing platform allows you to compare the interbank rate to your dealing rate, giving you more insight into the true cost of your foreign currency purchase.

The online dealing system allows you to nominate the rate at which you wish to purchase your foreign currency. You may wish to contact one of our experienced and helpful dealers for advice and guidance.

Car purchase

Sometimes the best deal for money when it comes to buying a car can be found overseas. Chances are, if you’ve found a great deal on a car overseas it  means you’ve done your research and put some effort into getting great value for your money. What a shame it would be to undo all your good work by losing money on the exchange rate. The service will ensure that you make the right decision about purchasing foreign currency, and seal a deal that suits you!

Boat purchase

Sail off into the sunset knowing that not only did you get the best price on your boat, you also made the wisest choice on your exchange rate. The service can help you choose the right time to make that exchange. Happy sailing!

For more information on overseas purchases and our many products and services please feel free to contact us.

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